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's traveling on the cnn election express and also there is john avalon, cnn contributor. hello, gentlemen. listen, you all heard what the president and mr. romney had to say, but, you know, let's talk about the political capital here. who is going to get more political capital out of this with just four days to the election, ali? >> well, hands down president obama because he had the most to lose out of this thing. the issue was if the unemployment rate went up substantially, or more importantly if the 171,000 jobs weren't created. the expectation was for 125,000 jobs. as long as he cleared that, he was going to be okay. barack obama gets more out of it. as you can see, he's not emphasizing the unemployment rate when he's speaking. mitt romney is doing that math that doesn't work thing again. barack obama said that the unemployment was going to be this and now it is this and as a result 9 million people are out of work. that's just not math that works. i don't think either of them are convincing anybody right now. this could have hurt barack obama. it is not going to hurt him. i don't kno
locations? what about voters who lost everything, including their photo i.d.? joe johns from washington joining me now. if anyone knows these questions, you do. do you think the election will be postponed ? what will happen in states like new jersey where many people are dealing with other things rather than worrying about getting to the polls? >> it's hard to say that an election like this will be postpone postponed. there are so many states in the united states that simply were not affected. and if you were to postpone for one state or two states, you would have what would be called an equal protection challenge and you could go to court and fight it. so, what's much more likely to happen, carol, is that the places that have problems -- we're talking about counties and specific precincts that have determined they have a problem. they'll do something to fix it, whether they'll move the polling place or there are some states that even have laws or rules where you can, you know, incrementally move the date or time, something along those lines. there are a lot of different options they ca
surprised? no. but we probably should be surprised. then there's john sununu. >> and, frankly, when you take a look at colin powell, you have to wonder whether that's an endorsement based on issues or whether he's got a slightly different reason for endorsing president obama. >> what reason would that be? >> well, when you have somebody of your own race that you're proud of being president of the united states, i applaud colin for standing with him. >> ana, discuss. >> well, look, he has since walked it back and admitted that there are policy issues that colin powell is a friend of his. i think what he said was not the right thing to say. i don't think it was correct. i think colin powell is a very respected person. >> ana, ana, ana, listen, why is john sununu after all the things he says -- i'm just asking and i'm not a partisan person. people will say, oh my gosh, you're carrying water for obama. i'm not. it doesn't matter to me. i'm a journalist. or that you like -- you guys are trying to get mitt romney elected president. neither of which is true. but why is john sununu a surrogate for t
no home anymore. our joe johns is following us in washington on this story. but what he is following is that new jersey governor chris christy is now saying that people in the affected areas of new jersey, people affected by hurricane sandy can now vote electronically. they can vote by e-mail and they can vote by fax. it is an interesting turn. joe, what are you finding out about this? >> well, it's a very interesting turn, don. as you said, in response to the super storm, the governor has issued a directive. this is for misplaced voters that can submit ballot applications by e-mail or by fax to the county clerk. the clerk sends them a ballot and then they have to return that ballot by about 8:00 p.m. on tuesday. it sounds highly unusual. to some, it may sound off the wall. but the fact of the matter is, in an emergency situation, there is some precedent for it. the united states actually has a program for military and overseas voters to basically do very similar things. so chris christie is taking a page from that pramt aogram and trying to find out how new jersey voters are not dis
to bring in one of the authors of romney's 12 million jobs claim, john taylor, professor at stanford university, senior fellow at the hoover institution and an adviser to mitt romney's campaign. now, john, i know you and i talked about this before. i am all for aspirational goals. so is america by the way. they really want big goals. this is not being presented as a wish, goal or aspiration. it has been presented as an achievable promise. i just don't feel that that's entirely honest. >> well, there's a number of ways to look at it and get the same number. first of all, look at the history you were referring to. 1980s, we came out of an even deeper recession than we have now where unemployment got way over 10% and the numbers are much like what's being predicted. second is the plan that governor romney is being put forward. don't raise taxes, get away from the short tn term actions, which i think has held the economy back because of uncertainty. there's a lot of cash out there that firms are sitting on, waiting for the opportunity. there's a number of ways you can look at this and th
. but you know, four years ago we saw john mccain and sarah palin come here to pennsylvania the last minute. we have seen other republicans like bob dole in '96 and president obama as well make pitches here in pennsylvania. they were not successful either. fred? i guess we'll find out on november 6th, right? >> just three days away. appreciate it. we'll check back with you throughout the afternoon. >>> it has been five days since superstorm sandy and the gas crunch in new jersey is so severe that the governor there is calling for gas rationing. plus, will polling places in new jersey be up and running in time for the election? we'll see what's being done. to . while energy development comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing generations of cleaner-burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources within self-contained well systems. and, using state-of-the-art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our communities and the environment.
to be rescued. >>> let's now go to battery park city in new york city. that's where john berman is. john, i understand it's getting worse there. >> reporter: i'm standing in water now, carol. just a few minutes ago, the water came up over this seawall right behind me, started lapping in. and now i'm standing in about four inches of water. this is part of the evacuation zone in lower manhattan. you can see why. some 370,000 people evacuated from certain areas in new york city. low lying areas. moved to hotels. moved to their friends' houses, to 76 shelters that have been set up around the city. this is the reason why. they're expecting a storm surge here of some 6 to 11 feet when the storm really starts hitting at high tide tonight. that's about 8:50 tonight. it's high tide right now. a little bit past high tide right now. this is just a small taste of what's to come. frankly, i would have thought we would have started seeing this water recede soon because we're past high tide. but it might be that the storm surge is coming in at a faster rate than the tide is receding. and this is a real ri
. john, i want to ask you this because we see this woman here, but ohio, what makes it so interesting is it's this reflection, this melting pot, if you will, of every group that is represented in across our country. you have the reagan democrats, the suburban moms, latinos, all these folks here. is there a split? is there a split in terms of what they are saying is their priority when they see this president and when they see mitt romney? >> well, suzanne, you know, you do see certainly a split in terms of the cities tend to vote democrats, the rural counties tend to vote republican, and it's the swing districts like stark county, toledo, where we're going today. those are the swing districts where this election will be decided. the key thing to understand about ohio and this is my mother's hometown, youngstown so, i know the character of the people here. there's been a great recession going on here for decades. the key is that the obama campaign's constant focus on manufacturing and the middle class and trying to say that, you know, the policies of the past got us into this mess, tho
begin our mega coverage, my colleague, john berman is down in battery park city, which pretty well can be expected to get battered as the namesake is. sandy is turning towards the shore and picking up speed. give me a bit of a read from your location. >> reporter: it's really been an interesting place to be all morning. about two hours ago, i was standing in 8 inches of water right here. it was up past my ankles. what happened was after high tide here in morning, there was a small storm surge. the water came up over this seawall right here and began to flood this area. this is the evacuation zone in lower manhattan, some 370,000 people have been told to get out from here and also the other boroughs in new york city to evacuate, get to a friend's place uptown, get to a hotel or to one of the 76 emergency evacuation centers throughout the city. they're expecting a storm surge of anywhere between six and 11 feet. that's a lot. we saw at high tide this morning it come over the wall here, that was a mere fraction of what it will be tonight at about 8:50. that's high tide tonight. with this
, shattering the previous tide from 1960. that was john berman, ashleigh banfield. john berman is there in the cold light of day. what's happening today, john? >> reporter: hey, carol. right now it's dry. as you said, there was water covering this whole area where i'm standing right now. 14-foot storm surge, 14 foot higher than the record before. we heard out there in new york harbor there were waves that were 32 feet high, six foet higher than the record has ever been. simply battered. that storm surge wreaked havoc all over the city. you were talking about it a little while ago. subways flooded, seven subway tunnels that go out from manhattan and queens and other areas here. they're flooded. they haven't said how long it will take to fix them. the biggest devastation, worst devastation they've seen or had in the subway system in its full 108-year history. no word on how long it will take to pump the water out of those tunnels. they could going to some lines up and running before others but they will be tough to repair. meanwhile, power out for about 250,000 people in manhatta
by joe johns out of d.c. joe, we went through some of the logistical problems that this storm has caused for many states, particularly new jersey, virginia, new york. what are election officials doing now that these polling places are out of commission on tuesday? >> well, sort of a process, if you think about, it suzanne. the first thing they have have to do is really poll the polling places, look around at all the counties and precincts and see where the problems really are. then identify what the problems are. so if, say, the polling place itself is out of commission, you got to perhaps find a new polling place. if the machines are out of commission, either you find new machines or you go to paper ballots or you send your people to other places. you can change times, extend the times of day at other polling places, so people can go there. a whole range and a variety of things that officials can do depending on the situation and most importantly, suzanne, depending on what the rules say. again and again, since bush versus gore, we've come to understand that people who are handling elec
. >> yeah, thank you very much. mayor nutter, and thank you very much, joe johns, stick around, i'll be getting back to you here on cnn, as well. i have a quick check of the map showing the final push is on in the electoral battleground states. with the clock ticking and the race for the white house and a dead heat. have a look at this. president barack obama is campaigning in wisconsin, ohio and virginia today. while mitt romney is focusing on new hampshire, iowa and colorado. and of course, cnn is a place of complete election coverage. we don't know what is going to happen here, we have sandy and a very close race, all the candidates are focusing their attention in the battleground states. the hold, the surprise here, make sure you watch what happens, america's choice, count down, 8 eastern, only here on cnn. >>> and from the political end game to more now on that slow, steady recovery from superstorm sandy, emergency teams are still doing the grim work of finding sandy's victims. and as i said the death toll in the u.s. has risen to at least 106 people. many areas are still wit
, no doubt about it. the same for election officials in some of the areas that are hit by sandy. joe johns is with us now from washington. do we have, joe, any idea, six days out, of the potential disruptions we could see on election day? >> reporter: we're at least beginning to get an outline of it, but we just won't be sure until we get to election day. we have been paying a lot of attention to the battleground states, virginia, pennsylvania, and north carolina, all in the past, if you will, of the storm. the issues are about whether early voting is affected and then what is going to happen on election day. okay, starting with pennsylvania, there is no early in person voting in pennsylvania, but the question is whether in person voting on election day might be affected in and around philadelphia. now, this was a state that was just slightly beginning to tick over to the obama side and the presidential race, the question is whether problems with voting machines running on batteries, voting machines supplemented with paper ballots if necessary may cause tightening in the pennsylvania race.
with our chief business correspondent ali velshi and john avalon. they're in ohio talking to the voters. ali, let's start with you since you have an economics, numbers guy here. >> yeah. >> we looked at this, and the economy stated by cnn money, they were twpg 125,000 jobs, so this number was higher at 171,000. so you have figures in august and september, also higher than we thought. what do we say about the overall growth and the health of the economy and the recovery? >> you and i talked about this before. i like the jobs creation or job loss numbers. the establishment survey more than i like the unemployment number. by the way, i feel the same way about it when it's low and when it's high. this is both ways. if you are mitt romney you get to say, the unemployment rate has gone higher, and it's still too high. if you are barack obama, you can at on another month, i guess -- i don't know how many months now it is of private sector unemployment. private sector employment growth. what it says to you when you see numbers like 171,000, we believe that 250,000 is the kind of number you have
back the house. >> so did republican house speaker john boehner. >> i continue to feel confident about house republicans' chances of holding on to our majority. >> republicans have 242 seats to the democrats' 193. so democrats need a net gain of 25 seats to win the majority. analysts say that's not likely to happen. >> the republicans will control the house again after november, so they'll probably suffer very minimal losses if they suffer losses at all. >> for republicans, obama care is still front and center. along with the economy. democrats have tried to link republicans to paul ryan's plans to turn medicare into a voucher program, something democrats say would be disastrous for seniors. republicans believe they have neutralized that message by arguing obama care hurts seniors by slashing medicare. redistricting will have a big impact, helping republicans. >> for the most part, republicans because they made such overwhelming gains not only in congress but in state legislatures last year, they were able to control the redistricting process in a lot of key states. for example, north
that out of the way. it was packed, i was surprised. thank you, john avalon, see you soon. >>> all right, coming up, three teens in two separate cases arrested for murder. and in both cases they were turned into the police by their mom. >>> ♪ ♪ ♪ >> well, talk about determination, actor -- two and a half year campaign, a seattle man finally convinces '80s rocker, billy idol, to play his birthday party. we'll talk to him in just a moment. >>> why don't we like being scared? i'm going to say you, i don't like to be scared. those shows get high ratings, like walking dead. all that. and people make big money to get scared at haunted houses. like these people, these are pictures from nightmares, fear factor, in niagra falls, canada. why do we like this? when you see those pictures, i don't know if you can see this. it looks ridiculous. >> i have some of those of me on roller coasters. >> all right, wendy, we know you're a behavioral expert. is there something wrong with us? like why do people like to be scared like this? >> no, this is satisfying our biological intentions, think about t
turned into quite the frenzy. here is cnn's john zarelia. >> reporter: call it the florida frenzy that gets people on their feet and singing. ♪ >> reporter: some camped out just to say they could be first in the door. you would think it was an after-christmas sale. >> we have got sleeping bags in case it gets cold, a blanket. >> reporter: some came by bus from churches. and long lines not a deterrent. >> we waited hundreds of years to get here. so what is three or four hours? >> reporter: this is early voting in florida. democrats make an appoint to turn out big numbers in early voting, and they usually outnumber republicans. and if you want to avoid the long lines on election day, well, you stand in long lines now. wait up to five hours in some places. this may be the product of some residual, subliminal, long-lasting after effect from the 2000 election fiasco here. remember, 537 votes. bottom line, people here believe every vote counts. although there are some who just don't trust this early voting stuff. and simply won't do it. >> i always have felt that voting on the day of
to share with you in new york city today and that's john f. kennedy airport. it is finally open. and nearby newark liberty also open and ready for business. you can't expect meaningful traffic for a while get. new york's laguardia, no. it's not going to open. tarmacs should not look like lakes. look at this ireport picture that we got. it's just remarkable. the jetway in to what looks like long island sound with waves. it's just unbelievable. these are the tarmacs and the runways. damage said to be extensive and that's going to affect air travel all over the country. and then to underscore one of the things that new yorkers are dealing with, if they don't have power they're not seeing television and look at the newspapers. this is "the new york daily news." this is the devastation. apocalypse, new york. that's more than 80 homes in breezy point. just blocks and blocks of rubble. if you flip this newspaper around, that's what manhattan's like at night for people in the southern part of the island. just big swaths of black with no power at all an then showing you from "the new york post," as
a storm surge of up to 12 feet high. that's going to happen later today. john berman is in battery park. this is a low-lying section of manhattan, for those that don't know. i understand this is where the surge could actually hit, is that right? >>. >> absolutely. earlier this morning about three hours ago at high tide, there was a small storm surge. it came right up over this wall right here, and it flooded this area, about eight inches off the ground right here. i was walking in water. that's a small fraction of what it will be like tonight at high tide. high tide here about 8:50 tonight. you know we heard mayor michael bloomberg a while ago after 8:00 tonight things can get really, really bad, and that is exactly right. they're expecting a storm surge here anywhere from 6 to 11 feet. that would be very, very high. a full two feet higher than we saw last year during hurricane irene, and that did cause some minor flooding here, but six to 11 feet would cause major flooding downtown here in the vakz zone. some 300,000 people were told to evacuate. also the our burroughs. over the course
doing? john, john he's a judge and watching everything and then look around and people are voting all through there. trying not to bother them. we'll come back out here this way. early voting, brooke, quickly started october 2nd. and they say they -- every day between 1,500, highest about 2,200 per day and so far the tally is pretty close to 74,000 so far. >> hey, so quickly, talking to some of the people that cast their vote, do they realize the tremendous importance that is the state of ohio? >> reporter: they do. and i think that's why they have had such success now with early voting. if you see the people, that's why they realize this time even more critical than last and even a razor -- a sharper razor's edge sort to speak than last time, than 2008. they get it, brooke. >> any indication? i'm sure both camps are spinning it but with momentum in ohio, when's the story? >> oh, you answered your own answer. both sides say, yeah, we have the momentum. but i do think, brooke, this time, i think that last -- you know, democrats had the edge. president obama, 2008, early voting but i th
is working hard, and frankly has to work harder than he did in 2008. he won new hampshire over john mccain by a 10% lead. right now, polls show he has a slight lead, but statistically, the race is tied up between him and mitt romney. and that is why this really pretty small battleground state, the electoral votes, over 270 are needed, is getting a lot of attention from both candidates. here at this rally, president obama -- he talked about fees that the governor put in place, while he was in charge of the state. here is what the president said. >> there were higher fees for gas. there were higher fees for milk. there were higher fees for blind people who needed to get a certificate that they were blind. he raised fees to get a birth certificate, which would have been expensive for me. >> reporter: so that is a line, fred, that got some laughter here from his crowd of supporters, was not well received. no surprise, by the romney campaign. a spokesperson calling the attack laughable, saying "as governor mitt romney worked with democrats to close a 3 billion deficit, balanced budget by cu
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Search Results 0 to 42 of about 43 (some duplicates have been removed)